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7th May, 2022

NOVELTY mild asthma burden manuscript published

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We are pleased to announce that ‘The burden of mild asthma: clinical burden and healthcare resource utilisation in the NOVELTY study’ has been published in Respiratory Medicine.

The article reports symptoms, exacerbations, health status and healthcare resource utilisation in patients with physician-assessed mild asthma participating in the NOVELTY study. Patients with mild asthma represent a substantial proportion of the population with asthma, yet there are limited data on their true burden of disease.

In this analysis, almost one in three patients with mild asthma had symptoms that were either not well-controlled or poorly controlled over the previous 4 weeks. Additionally, almost one in four patients with mild asthma had at least one exacerbation in the previous year, with almost one in ten patients with mild asthma visiting a hospital or clinic due to an exacerbation. Of those who were employed, one in ten missed work in the previous week because of health problems.

This work highlights that many patients who are assessed as having mild asthma by their physicians experience a substantial burden of disease and are being prescribed treatment normally used for more severe disease. These findings indicate opportunities to improve outcomes in patients with mild asthma.

The full article is available here.

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