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18th March, 2020

An update on NOVELTY governance: the NOVELTY Scientific Community

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The NOVELTY Scientific Community was established at the annual face-to-face meeting on 22 January 2020. This new structure represents an evolution in the NOVELTY scientific strategy, setting and delivery, bringing together the separate bodies of the Scientific Committee, the National Principal Investigators and the AstraZeneca science and evidence leads.

This new Scientific Community is led by Co-Chairs selected from academia and AstraZeneca. This includes two external experts, Prof. Helen Reddel and Prof. Alberto Papi, joined by AstraZeneca Co-Chair, Dr Hana Müllerová. The Scientific Community Co-Chairs foster communication among WorkStream leads and prioritise science during regular meetings with them. Together, the Co-Chairs and WorkStream leads will select key communications (e.g. strategy slide decks, research proposals and manuscript drafts) to be circulated throughout the entire Scientific Committee for their information, review and input.

Research proposals are primarily discussed and delivered through WorkStreams aligned around the key areas of: (1) Biomarkers/-Omics; (2) Physiology/Lung Function; and (3) Healthcare Interactions.

WorkStreams are responsible for the day-to-day running of science, including analysis and manuscript generation. They primarily consist of members of the Scientific Community. They are each co-led by external experts and at least one AstraZeneca lead.

More details on the NOVELTY Scientific Community are available here


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